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Jasper International Academy – Centre for International English Language Learning

English Language Skills Training Consultancy are Jasper Global Corporations preferred Strategic Partner for the delivery of our English Language Skills Projects delivered on a Global basis.

With their head office base in Kuwait, English Language Skills Training Consultancy are well-placed geographically to capitalize on the growing global demand for English language training and communication skills required by those working at the highest levels of business and boardroom negotiation. They develop English language courses to a high level with native speaking trainers focusing specifically in aligning our client needs and providing a strong foundation for:

    1.    1.   Business Modules
        • Business Conversation
        • Boardroom Discussion
        • Negotiation Skills
        • Leadership Development

    Their training program ensures that clients develop their conversational English to partake in all forms of discussion both in and out of the office environment. Courses are tailored to suit business needs and can be delivered in 3, 4 and 5 day modules. All courses develop and integrate the commercial acumen of clients to fully participate in a fast-moving business world.

  1. English Skills approach is highly practical; and offer unbeatable flexibility and value in providing language-learning solutions. They ensure that both trainees and teachers are treated with equal respect and sincerity whilst delivering on clients’ goals for English language services.

  2. As a global training provider, English Language Skills Training Consultancy provides Corporate Training Solutions for a variety of English language needs:

        1. Corporate Business Courses
          • Business Discourse: Business English, Business Writing,
            Business Vocabulary
          • Public Speaking and PowerPoint Presentation
          • Negotiation Skills
          • General English

        1. Preparation for International Examinations
          • SSAT Preparation
          • IELTS/TOEFL Preparation
          • GRE/GMAT
          • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

        1. English for Specific Purposes
          • Secretarial Skills
          • Conversational Skills
          • Writing Skills (Basic to Advanced)

With the benefit of many years experience, English Language Skills Training Consultancy ensures that the development and training of staff delivers on their corporate objectives. With our joint collaboration, English Language Skills Training Consultancy and Jasper Global Corporation will continue to grow and develop our joint customer goals and aspirations on a global basis together.

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